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Although spreadsheets are often faulty, end-users like them for their flexibility. Most existing approaches to spreadsheet diagnosis are fully automated and use static analysis techniques to find anomalies in formulas or methods to derive test cases without user interaction. The few more interactive approaches are based on values already present in(More)
Existing approaches for detecting anomalies in spreadsheets can help to discover faults but they are often applied too late in the spreadsheet lifecycle. By contrast, our approach detects anomalies immediately whenever users change their spreadsheets. This live inspection approach has been implemented as part of the Spreadsheet Inspection Framework,(More)
Most attempts to test spreadsheets use the spreadsheetinternal model to automatically detect input, intermediate and output cells. In this paper, we discuss an example which shows why this approach is problematic even for simple spreadsheets. Following this, we derive a number of requirements for more feasible spreadsheet cell-meaning models and describe a(More)
Just like other software, spreadsheets can contain significant faults. Static analysis is an accepted and well-established technique in software engineering known for its capability to discover faults. In recent years, a growing number of tool vendors started offering tools that allow casual end-users to run various static analyses on spreadsheets as well.(More)
Spreadsheets are powerful tools which play a business-critical role in many organizations. However, many bad decisions taken due to faulty spreadsheets show that these tools need serious quality assurance. Furthermore, while collaboration on spreadsheets for maintenance tasks is common, there has been almost no support for ensuring that the spreadsheets(More)
The better developers can learn software tools, the faster they can start using them and the more efficiently they can later work with them. Tutorials are supposed to help here. While in the early days of computing, mostly text tutorials were available, nowadays software developers can choose among a huge number of tutorials for almost any popular software(More)
Spreadsheets are software programs which are typically created by end-users and often used for business-critical tasks. Many studies indicate that errors in spreadsheets are very common. Thus, a number of vendors offer auditing tools which promise to detect errors by checking spreadsheets against so-called Best Practices such as “Don’t put constants in(More)
In der Softwaretechnik-Lehre werden üblicherweise Lehrveranstaltungen durchgeführt, in denen studentische Teams gemeinsam Übungsaufgaben bearbeiten. Dabei werden auch studentische Hilfskräfte als Tutoren für die Korrektur der Übungsaufgaben eingesetzt. Doch gerade beim Einsatz vieler Tutoren entsteht auf Seiten der Lehrverantwortlichen erheblicher Aufwand(More)
Although the rate of significant quality issues in enduser programs is alarming, high-stake business decisions are often influenced by them. But due to a lack of awareness the end-user programs manage to stay below the radar of today’s managers and vital reengineering actions never get projected. This case study describes a project in which preceding(More)