Daniel Krueger

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Controlling and coordinating a heterogeneous and autonomous multi-robot system is still a challenging task. To reduce the required implementation effort, the middleware concept has been introduced recently. This software layer defines unified interfaces and communication services according to the individual robot capabilities. We were faced with the problem(More)
The peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase Pin1 acts as a molecular timer in proline-directed Ser/Thr kinase signaling and shapes cellular responses based on recognition of phosphorylation marks and implementing conformational changes in its substrates. Accordingly, Pin1 has been linked to numerous phosphorylation-controlled signaling pathways and cellular(More)
Genetically encoded fluorescent proteins and immunostaining are widely used to detect cellular and subcellular structures in fixed biological samples. However, for thick or whole-mount tissue, each approach suffers from limitations, including limited spectral flexibility and lower signal or slow speed, poor penetration, and high background labeling,(More)
HEALTH This document is in the public domain and may be used and reprinted without permission except those copyrighted materials that are clearly noted in the document. Further reproduction of those copyrighted materials is prohibited without the specific permission of the copyright holders. This report may be used, in whole or in part, as the basis for the(More)
Mobile autonomous robotics in outdoor areas is a challenging task. This domain combines many fields like computer science and electrical engineering. This diploma thesis will show how Miro (Middleware for Robots) has been ported to a new mobile robot platform developed at the Institute for Automation at Chemnitz University of Technology. Additionally,(More)
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