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This review article addresses the process, intention, and therapeutic value of clinical hypnosis with children and adolescents. A brief historical perspective is followed by a digest of the published laboratory and clinical research that has accelerated substantially over the past two decades. This review lends appropriate credence to the benefits and(More)
Justin is a 6-year-old boy diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder who presented with daytime and night-time wetting. He had been toilet trained at the age of 3 years but was back in diapers as a result of the enuresis. His bowel movements were normal. The initial evaluation consisted of a urinalysis, urine culture, serum creatinine level,(More)
Training in pediatric hypnosis has been part of clinical hypnosis education in the United States since 1976. Workshops expanded over time and are now taught by highly experienced pediatric clinicians across the globe. In 1987, a small vanguard of North American faculty, academic pediatricians, and pediatric psychologists taught a 3-day pediatric hypnosis(More)
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