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Recommending news articles has become a promising research direction as the Internet provides fast access to real-time information from multiple sources around the world. Traditional news recommendation systems strive to adapt their services to individual users by virtue of both user and news content information. However, the latent relationships among(More)
In this paper, through the use of two vignettes, we present a viewpoint on the concepts of `space' and `place' in an computing context. The first vignette is about a Technicians' Room, where the computer support staff and network infrastructure of a school are located. Although the room's purpose is to provide computing services and technical support to the(More)
BACKGROUND Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction is common in patients with severe sepsis or septic shock, but the best approach to categorization is unknown. We assessed the association of common measures of diastolic function with clinical outcomes and tested the utility of a simplified definition of diastolic dysfunction against the American Society of(More)
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the School of Computing's Postgraduate Conference 2013. Students were invited to submit papers or posters of their ongoing research, and we have been delighted with the contributions we received. The quality of research displayed at this year's conference is a real tribute to the academic excellence of the(More)
In contrast with other vocational disciplines, such as law, architecture and medicine, computer science is a young, emerging discipline. The development of new technologies and methods, which are used to teach the skills and knowledge that computing students require, are informed by our research on how current students engage with the curriculum. For this(More)
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