Daniel Knapp

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Rpe65(-/-) mice produce minimal amounts of 11-cis-retinal, the ligand necessary for the formation of photosensitive visual pigments. Therefore, the apoprotein opsin in these animals has not been exposed to its normal ligand. The Rpe65(-/-) mice contain less than 0.1% of wild type levels of rhodopsin. Mass spectrometric analysis of opsin from Rpe65(-/-) mice(More)
The damaging effects of intense light on the rat retina are known to vary depending on the time of day of exposure. The purpose of this study was to determine if rhodopsin phosphorylation patterns, a measure of the activity of the pigment, varied in a similar manner. After 10 min in strong light (1400 lux), all six threonine and serine sites in the rat(More)
Palmitylation is a widespread modification in G-protein-coupled receptors and often a dynamic process. In rhodopsins, palmitylation is static on C322/C323. Red/green (M/LWS) cone opsins have no cysteines at corresponding positions and no palmitylation. Blue (SWS2) cone opsins have a single corresponding cysteine and mass spectrometric analysis showed(More)
We have designed a laser cell deposition system that employs the phenomenon of laser guidance to place single cells at specific points in a variety of in vitro environments. Here, we describe the components of the system: the laser optics, the deposition chamber, the microinjection cell feeding system and our custom system control software application. We(More)
9,11-Dimethylmethano-11,12-methano-16-(3-iodo-4-hydroxyphenyl)-13, 14-dihydro-13-aza-15 alpha beta-omega-tetranor-TXA2 (I-PTA-OH), a recently synthesized thromboxane (TX) A2/prostaglandin (PG) H2 receptor antagonist, was shown to be a competitive antagonist of human platelet aggregation induced by the stable endoperoxide analog U46619. This antagonism was(More)
Das freie Audience ResponseS ystem ARSnova (http://arsnova.thm.de), didaktisch konzipiert und als HTML5-App an der THM entwickelt, unterstützt die Aktivierung der Studierenden in großen Lehrveranstaltungen. Einerseits umfasst ARSnova die Funktionalität eines mobilen TED-Systems (Klicker) mit verschie-denen Frageformaten, erlaubt Live-Feedback des(More)
Three successful photoaffinity labeling experiments of bacteriorhodopsin (bR) have been reported that used photoactivatible analogs of retinal to label the retinal binding site of the protein. Using molecular modeling techniques, the information about the retinal binding site derived from these studies is compared to the retinal binding site as defined by(More)
Vortrag in der Reihe " E-Learning " im SoSe 2014 an der Universität Ulm Handout zum Vortrag ! Das Audience Response System ARSnova (https://arsnova.eu), didaktisch konzi-piert und als HTML5-App an der THM entwickelt, unterstützt die Aktivierung der Studierenden in Präsenz-Lehrveranstaltungen und " Massive Open Online Courses " (MOOC). Einerseits umfasst(More)
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