Daniel Klinkhammer

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In this paper, we address the problem of designing for participation and parallel interaction with a walk-up-and-use tabletop system in a public exhibition environment. Motivated by the work practice of territoriality, we implement a novel, tabletop-integrated multi-user tracking system that provides data on a user's location and movement. Based on this(More)
Interaktive Oberflächen mit ihren unterschiedlichen Formfaktoren (z.B. Smartphone, Tablet, Tabletop, Wall Display) können auch als " handfeste " Umsetzung der Vision des "Ubiquitous Computing" von Mark Weiser gesehen werden: " Ubiquitous computers will also come in different sizes, each suited to a particular task. My colleagues and I have built what we(More)
In this note we introduce Body Panning, a novel interaction technique for horizontal panning on interactive surfaces. Based on an established sensory hardware setup, we implemented a robust body tracking system for a large-scaled tabletop. On this basis a user can pan through a spatial user interface by adjusting her position at the table. As a natural form(More)
In this paper we report our findings from an exploratory design study using a combination of an interactive tabletop and digital pen & paper technology during a full-day creativity workshop with creative professionals. We describe the applied creativity technique, the system design and the employed interaction techniques. The preliminary results of our(More)
Innerhalb der Bildungsinstitution Museum entstehen durch den Einsatz von Informations-und Kommunikationstechnologien (IuK) neue Möglichkeiten der Informationsvermittlung. Im Blended Museum wird versucht, virtuelle und reale Präsentationsformen miteinander zu vermischen. Dies ermöglicht hybride Vermittlungsstrategien, die neue und vor allem vielfältigere(More)
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