Daniel Kimes

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BACKGROUND Asthma in school children is rising, and indoor allergens are very common triggers of asthma attacks; however, the risk of the school environment on asthma has not been well studied. OBJECTIVE To determine the presence and the levels of common aeroallergens in schools, where asthma prevalence rates are high. METHODS Settled dust samples were(More)
Asthma hospitalization rates have increased in the United States since 1980. The exposure risk of many environmental factors, which contribute to respiratory disease, vary throughout the year. The objective of this study was to investigate the seasonal variation of pediatric asthma hospitalizations and predict hospitalization frequency. This was a(More)
Asthma is a chronic disease that can result in exacerbations leading to urgent care in emergency departments (EDs) and hospitals. We examined seasonal and temporal trends in pediatric asthma ED (1997-1999) and hospital (1986-1999) admission data so as to identify periods of increased risk of urgent care by age group, gender, and race. All pediatric ED and(More)
Spatial relationships between clinical data for pediatric asthmatics (hospital and emergency department utilization rates), and socioeconomic and urban characteristics in Baltimore City were analyzed with the aim of identifying factors that contribute to increased asthma rates. Socioeconomic variables and urban characteristics derived from satellite data(More)
The use of lidar and radar instruments to measure forest structure attributes such as height and biomass are being considered for future Earth Observation satellite missions. Large footprint lidar makes a direct measurement of the heights of scatterers in the illuminated footprint and can yield information about the vertical profile of the canopy. Synthetic(More)
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