Daniel Keech

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Eighty-two children underwent polysomnography (PSG) for symptoms suggestive of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Symptoms reported included snoring, witnessed apneic episodes, daytime somnolence, mouth breathing, and enuresis. Tonsillar size, nasal airway patency, and percentile weight were recorded. OSA was diagnosed on PSG when obstructive events were noted(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the use of a tension wire band secured to monocortical screws for open reduction and internal fixation of simple, displaced, and/or unstable mandibular fractures. DESIGN Retrospective review with follow-up duration of at least 6 weeks. SETTING Level I university trauma center. PATIENTS Twenty-nine patients (27 males and 2(More)
Local food has recently gained popularity under the assumption that it is more sustainable than food from distant locations. However, evidence is still lacking to fully support this assumption. The goal of this study is to compare local and global food chains in five dimensions of sustainability (environmental, economic, social, ethical and health),(More)
INTRODUCTION Rhinosinusitis is a common disease affecting an estimated 14% of the population. Although there is general agreement in the literature regarding acute rhinosinusitis, chronic rhinosinusitis is not as well studied, and no consensus has been reached regarding the bacterial etiology. The goal of this study was to test chronic rhinosinusitis(More)
The protection of geographical indications (European regulation 1151/2012) is arguably the most significant initiative, certainly within Europe, that promotes foods with territorial associations and reorganises agri-food chain governance through a strategy of reterritorialisation. Research on Protected Designation of Origins (PDOs) and Protected(More)
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