Daniel Kaplan

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BACKGROUND There is an extensive and inconsistent literature on the association of the dopamine D2 receptor gene (DRD2) with alcohol dependence. Conflicting results have been attributed to differences in the severity of the alcohol dependence phenotype across studies, failure to exclude related disorders from comparison groups, and artifacts of(More)
Mathematical models of marine populations exhibit chaotic dynamics. However, we hypothesize that in moving water, Eu-lerian sampling of spatially heterogeneous populations may obscure any deterministic signal beyond the resolving capabilities of presently available nonlinear signal processing techniques. To examine this hypothesis we created two(More)
Chemical functionalization of low-dimensional materials such as nanotubes, nanowires and graphene leads to profound changes in their properties and is essential for solubilizing them in common solvents. Covalent attachment of functional groups is generally achieved at defect sites, which facilitate electron transfer. Here, we describe a simple and general(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the usefulness of tinnitus tests in differentiating patients with functional tinnitus from patients with organic tinnitus. DESIGN One hundred ninety-six patients with tinnitus were divided into 2 groups. Forty-three patients, group 1, were not exposed to noise and had sensorineural hearing loss. One hundred fifty-three patients,(More)
probed in depth. This section contains individual papers devoted to each of the following micronutrients: retinoids, beta-carotene, vitamin D, alpha-tocopherols, ascor-bic acid, and selenium. Each paper reviews at length the evidence from human and animal studies, details the possible mechanisms of cancer preventive action, and concludes with an assessment(More)
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