Daniel K. Young

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The amount of cantharidin (Spanish fly) that the Neopyrochroa flabellata male presents to the female as a glandular offering during courtship represents only a small fraction of the total cantharidin the male accumulates systemically following ingestion of the compound. A major fraction of the acquired cantharidin is stored by the male in the large(More)
Male Neopyrochroa flabellata have a natural affinity for cantharidin (Spanish fly). They are attracted to cantharidin baits in the field and feed on the compound if it is offered to them in the laboratory. Males that ingest cantharidin secrete cantharidin from a cephalic gland. Females sample secretion from this gland during courtship and mate(More)
Most cases of furuncular myiasis in the United States are acquired during travel to other countries. Autochthonous cases are infrequently reported and are most often due to accidental infestation of humans by larvae of flies belonging to the genus Cuterebra, commonly known as "rabbit bot flies" or "rodent bot flies." We describe a case of furuncular myiasis(More)
In 2004 and 2005, large numbers of the tumbling flower beetle, Falsomordellistena bihamata (Melsheimer), were found on traps baited with sweet birch oil, whereas significantly fewer individuals were found on control traps. In both years, peak captures were at 680 DD10 degrees C. Trapping was conducted in Naugatuck State Forest in Naugatuck, CT. Little is(More)