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MOTIVATION In profiling the composition and structure of complex microbial communities via high throughput amplicon sequencing, a very low proportion of community members are typically sampled. As a result of this incomplete sampling, estimates of dissimilarity between communities are often inflated, an issue we term pseudo β-diversity. RESULTS We present(More)
Our objective is to provide an optimistic strategy for reversing soil degradation by increasing public and private research efforts to understand the role of soil biology, particularly microbiology, on the health of our world's soils. We begin by defining soil quality/soil health (which we consider to be interchangeable terms), characterizing healthy soil(More)
myPhyloDB v.1.1.2 is a user-friendly personal database with a browser-interface designed to facilitate the storage, processing, analysis, and distribution of microbial community populations (e.g. 16S metagenomics data). MyPhyloDB archives raw sequencing files, and allows for easy selection of project(s)/sample(s) of any combination from all available data(More)
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