Daniel Käslin

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The SARBAU project is a study on a highly self configuring building automation and control network using IP as field level protocol. UPnP will be used for device operation and control. The paper gives an overview on the SARBAU approach. Current work-in-progress including wired and wireless experimental device hardware is presented. A focus of this paper is(More)
IP based field bus networks enable the usage of common IP protocols for example for security or automatic configuration, on the field level. A drawback of this protocol deployment is the higher required network bandwidth due to enormous high level protocol overhead, especially on XML-based schemes. We investigate UPnP datagram size reduction on an(More)
This paper discusses an architecture that aims to unify and simplify the supervision and control of networked devices in commercial building environments. To be adoptable for real-life applications, the technical key features of such an architecture are mainly derived from four high-level requirements: the system must add true user value, still be easy to(More)
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