Daniel Justus

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Before the onset of locomotion, the hippocampus undergoes a transition into an activity-state specialized for the processing of spatially related input. This brain-state transition is associated with increased firing rates of CA1 pyramidal neurons and the occurrence of theta oscillations, which both correlate with locomotion velocity. However, the neural(More)
Dendritic structure critically determines the electrical properties of neurons and, thereby, defines the fundamental process of input-to-output conversion. The diversity of dendritic architectures enables neurons to fulfill their specialized circuit functions during cognitive processes. It is known that this dendritic integrity is impaired in patients with(More)
The possibility that the increased cardiac output observed in severe anemia is clue to a humoral mechanism was investigated by an assay procedure in which blood from anemic donor dogs was infused into normal assay clogs. Blood removed from anemic donors during the period of augmented cardiac output and infused into assay clogs produced cardiovascular(More)
We are reporting four family members, spanning three generations, who were treated with etretinate for keratoma hereditaria mutilans. All four patients presented with mutilating keratoderma of the palms and soles, and all demonstrated remarkable benefit from the medication. In addition, in the most severely affected individual, several fingers had(More)
An experiment platform has been designed to study vacuum power flow in magnetically insulated transmission lines (MITLs). The platform is driven by the Mykonos-V LTD accelerator to drive a coaxial MITL with a millimeter-scale anode-cathode gap. The experiments conducted quantify the current loss in the MITL with respect to vacuum pumpdown time and vacuum(More)
The medial septum and diagonal band of Broca (MSDB) send glutamatergic axons to medial entorhinal cortex (MEC). We found that this pathway provides speed-correlated input to several MEC cell-types in layer 2/3. The speed signal is integrated most effectively by pyramidal cells but also excites stellate cells and interneurons. Thus, the MSDB conveys speed(More)
Summary form only given. We have developed and tested two prototype linear transformer drivers (LTDs): LTD III [1], which is a single LTD cavity that generates a peak electrical power of 79 GW, and Mykonos II [2,3], which is a two-cavity 142 GW LTD module. LTD III is driven by 20 bricks, each of which includes an 85-nH gas switch and two 60-nF capacitors.(More)
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