Daniel Jorge Martins

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Drug testing is a harm reduction strategy that has been adopted by certain countries in Europe. Drug users are able to hand in their drugs voluntarily for chemical analysis of composition and dose. Drug users will be alerted about dangerous test results by the drug testing systems directly and through warning campaigns. An international collaborative effort(More)
Diabetic neuropathy has a profound impact in the quality of life of patients who frequently complain of pain. The mechanisms underlying diabetic neuropathic pain (DNP) are no longer ascribed only to damage of peripheral nerves. The effects of diabetes at the central nervous system are currently considered causes of DPN. Management of DNP may be achieved by(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper describes the misrepresentation of LSD at Portugal's Boom Festival 2014 and the prevention of unintentional consumption of DOx and 25x-NBOMe among LSD consumers attending a drug-checking service. METHODS Two hundred forty-five drug samples expected to contain LSD were submitted to the drug-checking service for chemical analysis. One(More)
Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo—Energy Control, Barcelona, Spain Durham University, United Kingdom c The Loop NGO, United Kingdom Drug Information and Monitoring System (DIMS), Trimbos Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands e Safer Dance Swiss, Zürich, Switzerland f 4Motion, Alzette, Luxembourg g Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of(More)
Rewards are appetitive events that elicit approach. Ground-breaking findings from neurophysiological experiments in animals, alongside neuropharmacology and neuroimaging research in human samples have identified dopamine as the main neurochemical messenger of global reward processing in the brain. However, dopamine's contribution to the different components(More)
Despite of the intense research confirming the funding Hippocratic idea that “Men ought to know that from the brain, and from the brain only, arise our(...) pains”, pain modulation from the brain remains a cuttingedge issue in neurobiology. It is now accepted that the brain has the capacity to modulate the magnitude of perceived pain, depending on(More)
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