Daniel John Jordan

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Fractures with associated soft tissue injuries, or those termed 'open,' are not uncommon. There has been much discussion regarding there management, with the guidance from the combined British Orthopaedic Association and British Association and Aesthetic Surgeons teams widely accepted as the gold level of therapy. We aim to discuss the current evidence(More)
Conditions affecting cartilage through damage or age-related degeneration pose significant challenges to individual patients and their healthcare systems. The disease burden will rise in the future as life expectancy increases. This has resulted in vigorous efforts to develop novel therapies to meet current and future needs. Due to the limited regenerative(More)
Bites to the human hand, be it from a pet, a stray animal or even a fellow human, may often have dire consequences for the person suffering the insult. Bites by mammals are a common problem and they account for up to 1% of all visits to hospital emergency rooms, in the UK. Clenched fist injuries to the mouth ('fight bite') are notorious for being the worst(More)
THE LOWER EXTREMITIES OF THE HUMAN BODY ARE MORE COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE HUMAN LEGS, INCORPORATING: the foot, the lower or anatomical leg, the thigh and the hip or gluteal region. The human lower limb plays a simpler role than that of the upper limb. Whereas the arm allows interaction of the surrounding environment, the legs' primary goals are support and to(More)
The hand is often thought of as a key discriminator in what makes humans human. The hand is both intricate and fascinating in its design and function, allowing humans to interact with their surroundings, and each other. Due to its use in manipulation of the person's environment, injury to the hand is common. Devastating hand injuries have a profound,(More)
We describe an innovative technique in applying a graft fixation dressing when reconstructing the penile shaft. When releasing a buried penis it is often found to have a deficiency of skin to cover the penile shaft. Application of a split-skin thickness graft (SSTG) reduces the risk of subsequent re-burying, scar formation and maintains a cosmetically(More)
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