Daniel Jiménez

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In this paper we study the influence of semantics in the Text Categorization (TC) and Information Retrieval (IR) tasks. The K Nearest Neighbours (K-NN) method was used to perform the text categorization. The experimental results were obtained taking into account for a relevant term of a document its corresponding WordNet synset. For the IR task, three(More)
In this paper we study the influence of semantics in the information retrieval preprocessing. We concretely compare the reached performance with stemming and semantic lemmatization as preprocessing. Three techniques are used in the study: the direct use of a weighted matrix, the SVD technique in the LSI model and the bisecting spherical k-means clustering(More)
In recent times, interest in Ambient Intelligence (or AmI) has increased considerably. One of the main challenges in the development of these systems is to improve their modularization in order to achieve a high degree of reusability, adaptability and extensibility. This will help us to deal with the heterogeneity and evolution of the environments in which(More)
Computer aided design of a prosthesis for a below-theknee (trans-tibial) amputee begins with a digitized representation of the shape of the residual limb. Certain anatomical landmarks must be located on this shape to identify optimal areas for load and pressure relief. A method of locating the midpoint of the patellar tendon, the distal end of the tibia and(More)
In this paper, we present the effect of the semantic indexing using WordNet senses on the Information Retrieval (IR) and Text Categorization (TC) tasks. The documents have been sense-tagged using a Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) system based on Specialized Hidden Markov Models (SHMMs). The preliminary results showed that a small improvement of the(More)
BACKGROUND Although several exercise systems have been developed to mitigate the physiological deconditioning that occurs in microgravity, few have the capacity to positively impact multiple physiological systems and still meet the volume/mass requirements needed for missions beyond low Earth orbit. The purpose of this study was to test the(More)