Daniel James Owen

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Although the transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block has an established role in providing postoperative analgesia following caesarean section, the technique is not widely used by obstetric anaesthetists. The conventional TAP block is associated with significant technical difficulties and risk of peritoneal, hollow viscus and organ perforation. We report a(More)
Pudendal nerve blocks are a pre-requisite to forceps delivery without regional anaesthesia. Their efficacy is dependent on introducing local anaesthetic in close proximity to the pudendal nerve and allowing sufficient time for its onset of action. An audit of 57 obstetricians evaluated their clinical technique against standards using both a questionnaire(More)
Styrene is a widely used industrial solvent associated with acute neurotoxicity. To investigate the relationships between exposure, blood concentrations, and the appearance of neurotoxic effects, four healthy males were exposed to styrene concentrations of 5-200 ppm in four different exposure-time profiles. A digit recognition test and P300 event-related(More)
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