Daniel James Miller

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STUDY DESIGN A cross-sectional observational design study was conducted to determine lumbar repositioning error in 15 subjects who had chronic low back pain with a clinical diagnosis of lumbar segmental instability and 15 asymptomatic participants. OBJECTIVE To determine whether individuals with lumbar segmental instability have a decreased ability to(More)
The ascomycete fungus Tolypocladium inflatum, a pathogen of beetle larvae, is best known as the producer of the immunosuppressant drug cyclosporin. The draft genome of T. inflatum strain NRRL 8044 (ATCC 34921), the isolate from which cyclosporin was first isolated, is presented along with comparative analyses of the biosynthesis of cyclosporin and other(More)
We previously identified Waf1 Cip1 stabilizing protein 39 (WISp39) as a binding partner for heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90). We now report that WISp39 has an essential function in the control of directed cell migration, which requires WISp39 interaction with Hsp90. WISp39 knockdown (KD) resulted in the loss of directional motility of mammalian cells and(More)
Palatal tremor (PT) is usually considered a movement disorder that presents with recurring rhythmic contractions of the soft palate. The inferior olive shows a characteristic pseudohypertrophy secondary to brainstem lesions in the triangle of Mollaret and Guillain that interrupt dentato-olivary and tegmental pathways. We report a 35-year-old man with a(More)
The rapid expansion of minimally invasive techniques for corpectomy in the thoracic spine provides promise to redefine treatment options in this region. Techniques have evolved permitting anterior, lateral, posterolateral, and midline posterior corpectomy in a minimally invasive fashion. We review the numerous techniques that have been described, including(More)
Background: Limited studies have reported on radiation risks of increased ionizing radiation exposure to medical personnel in the urologic community. Fluoroscopy is readily used in many urologic surgical procedures. The aim of this study was to determine radiation exposure to all operating room personnel during percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL), commonly(More)
The Publisher has retracted this article [1] because it appears that the authors did not obtain the necessary consent to publish their case details from the patients described. The article is no longer available online in order to protect the patients' privacy. Darlene Lobel has agreed to retraction, Daniel Miller could not be reached by the journal for(More)
Emergency physicians are often required to evaluate and treat undifferentiated patients suffering acute hemodynamic compromise (AHC). It is helpful to apply a structured approach based on a differential diagnosis including all causes of AHC that can be identified and treated during a primary assessment. Tension pneumoperitoneum (TP) is an uncommon condition(More)
We present a 59-year-old male with early manifestation of opsoclonus associated with gait ataxia as a rare clinical presentation of Hashimoto's encephalopathy. Empiric use of intravenous immunoglobulin followed by intravenous high dose methylprednisolone was initiated with subsequent remittance of opsoclonus, encephalopathy, ataxia, and tremor. Extensive(More)
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