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Synchrony in larval yellow perch abundance: the influence of the Moran Effect during early life history
Recruitment may vary substantially in fish populations, which can drive not only adult population characteristics but also the dynamics of fishes dependent on the species of interest and recreationalExpand
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Pressures to Publish: Catalysts for the Loss of Scientific Writing Integrity?
ABSTRACT Publishing research is the final step in the scientific process and is used as the primary means for disseminating research findings to the scientific community. Publishing can embody manyExpand
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Effects of simulated cold fronts on the survival and behaviour of yellow perch Perca flavescens yolk‐sac fry
Summary Acute reductions in water temperature (i.e. cold fronts) may influence larval fish survival directly via limits on physiological tolerance or indirectly by acting as a sublethal stressor.Expand
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Influence of variable rainbow smelt and gizzard shad abundance on walleye diets and growth
Abstract Fincel MJ, Dembkowski DJ, Chipps SR. 2014. Influence of variable rainbow smelt and gizzard shad abundance on walleye diets and growth. Lake Reserv Manage. 30:258–267. Prey availabilityExpand
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Factors influencing recruitment and growth of age‐0 yellow perch in eastern South Dakota glacial lakes
Variation in recruitment and growth of age-0 yellow perch, Perca flavescens (Mitchill), was modelled across a range of nine eastern South Dakota glacial lakes to: (i) estimate factors influencingExpand
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Comparison of Fish Assemblages in Two Disjoined Segments of an Oxbow Lake in Relation to Connectivity
Abstract Disconnection between adjacent habitat patches is one of the most notable factors contributing to the decreased biotic integrity of global ecosystems. Connectivity is especially threatenedExpand
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Hierarchy in factors affecting fish biodiversity in floodplain lakes of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley
River-floodplain ecosystems offer some of the most diverse and dynamic environments in the world. Accordingly, floodplain habitats harbor diverse fish assemblages. Fish biodiversity in floodplainExpand
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Synthesis of a Mumbaistatin Analogue through Cross-Coupling
Studies on the total synthesis of mumbaistatin, the -strongest natural inhibitor of G6P-T1, have culminated in the synthesis of a 4′′,8-dideoxy analogue. Key steps include a Diels-Alder reaction forExpand
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