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Cohesion and performance in groups: a meta-analytic clarification of construct relations.
Previous meta-analytic examinations of group cohesion and performance have focused primarily on contextual factors. This study examined issues relevant to applied researchers by providing a moreExpand
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An episodic process model of affective influences on performance.
In this article, the authors present a model linking immediate affective experiences to within-person performance. First, the authors define a time structure for performance (the performance episode)Expand
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Peacocks, Porsches, and Thorstein Veblen: conspicuous consumption as a sexual signaling system.
Conspicuous consumption is a form of economic behavior in which self-presentational concerns override desires to obtain goods at bargain prices. Showy spending may be a social signal directed atExpand
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ESM 2.0: State of the Art and Future Potential of Experience Sampling Methods in Organizational Research
The use of experience sampling methods (ESM) and related techniques has exploded in organizational research. The goals of this review are to provide a focused perspective on the state of the art inExpand
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Reflections on Affective Events Theory
In the few years since the appearance of Affective Events Theory (AET), organizational research on emotions has continued its accelerating pace and incorporated many elements of the macrostructureExpand
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Methods of Ecological Momentary Assessment in Organizational Research
Although ecological momentary assessment and experience sampling methods have been in use in other areas of the social and medical sciences for many years, organizational researchers have not takenExpand
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Lunch Breaks Unpacked: The Role of Autonomy as a Moderator of Recovery during Lunch
Work recovery research has focused mainly on how after-work break activities help employees replenish their resources and reduce fatigue. Given that employees spend a considerable amount of time atExpand
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On the bias of Huffcutt and Arthur's (1995) procedure for identifying outliers in the meta-analysis of correlations.
This study documents how the use of A. I. Huffcutt & W. A. Arthur's (1995) sample adjusted meta-analytic deviancy (SAMD) statistic for identifying outliers in correlational meta-analyses results inExpand
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Schadenfreude as a consumption-related emotion: Feeling happiness about the downfall of another's product
Abstract Emotional antecedents of schadenfreude —joy experienced when observing another's downfall—were investigated in a status consumption context. Across 3 studies, status product failure producedExpand
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Optimizing principal components analysis of event-related potentials: Matrix type, factor loading weighting, extraction, and rotations
OBJECTIVE Given conflicting recommendations in the literature, this report seeks to present a standard protocol for applying principal components analysis (PCA) to event-related potential (ERP)Expand
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