Daniel J. Whittle

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A sensitive and simple immunoassay was developed to screen Escherichia coli transformed with recombinant DNA plasmids carrying a cellulase gene. The assay was used to identify a recombinant DNA plasmid carrying at least one cellulase gene from Cellulomonas fimi. The enzyme present in extracts of E. coli carrying the plasmid was active in catalysing the(More)
Citation: Karr KA, Fujita R, Carcamo R, Epstein L, Foley JR, Fraire-Cervantes JA, Gongora M, Gonzalez-Cuellar OT, Granados-Dieseldorff P, Guirjen J, Weaver AH, Licón-González H, Litsinger E, Maaz J, Mancao R, Miller V, Ortiz-Rodriguez R, Plomozo-Lugo T, Rodriguez-Harker LF, Rodríguez-Van Dyck S, Stavrinaky A, Villanueva-Aznar C, Wade B, Whittle D and(More)
A survey of 3,000 residents of Illinois and 375 county-level policymakers in east-central Illinois was conducted during spring 2003. Illinois residents were stratified by those residing in east-central Illinois (a region of the state dominated by agriculture) and the remainder of the state. Response rates were 49% for residents of counties in the(More)
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