Daniel J Verbaro

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In the preceding paper, we found that ensembles of tripeptides with long or bulky chains can include up to 20% of various turns. Here, we determine the structural and thermodynamic characteristics of(More)
It is now well-established that different amino acid residues can exhibit different conformational distributions in the unfolded state of peptides and proteins. These conformational propensities can(More)
We have measured and analyzed the pH dependence of the 695 nm charge transfer band of horse heart ferricytochrome c as a function of pH between 7.0 and 10.5 at high (50 mM) and low (0.5 mM) phosphate(More)
Several lines of evidence now well establish that unfolded peptides in general, and alanine in specific, have an intrinsic preference for the polyproline II (pPII) conformation. Investigation of(More)
Structural preferences in the unfolded state of peptides determined by molecular dynamics still contradict experimental data. A remedy in this regard has been suggested by MD simulations with an(More)