Daniel J Stone

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Vanadate(V)-templated Dawson-type capsules {V(IV)M(VI)(17)(VO(4))(2)} (M = Mo, W; 1-2) have been synthesized and investigated by electrochemical methods in aqueous and organic media using spectroscopic techniques, EPR, UV-vis/NIR, IR, and CSI-MS (cryospray ionization mass spec.), and the clusters have been examined in the solid state by magnetic studies.(More)
The current environment in higher education calls for increasingly progressive leadership and management. This report describes the efforts of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Michigan State University (MSU) to strengthen its leadership using a whole-system approach. Developing a leadership culture is the responsibility of leaders, and the(More)
A polyoxomolybdenum/vanadium-sulfite {M(18)} cluster-based compound, [Mo(VI)(11)V(V)(5)V(IV)(2)O(52)(mu(9)-SO(3))](7-), is reported that exhibits a unique structural motif, arising from the incorporation of five V(V) and two V(IV) ions into a {M(18)} cluster framework templated by SO(3)(2-); this cluster compostion was first identified using cryospray mass(More)
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