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We have observed four new decay modes of the charmed baryon + c using data collected with the CLEO II detector. Three decay modes, + c ! p K 0 , + , and + , are rst observations of nal states with an meson, while the fourth mode, + c ! K 0 K + , requires an s s quark pair to be popped out of the vacuum. The branching ratios relative to + c ! pK ? + are(More)
While computer-aided planning of human neurosurgeries is becoming more and more common, animal researchers still largely rely on paper atlases for planning their approach before implanting recording chambers to perform invasive recordings of neural activity, which makes this planning process tedious and error-prone. Here we present SPLASh (Stereotactic(More)
We have searched for several two-body charmless hadronic decays of B mesons. These nal states include K and with both charged and neutral kaons and pions data used in this analysis consist of 2:0 fb ?1 taken on the (4S) with the CLEO-II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR). This data set includes 2.2 million BB pairs, allowing us to place(More)
A Constraint on jV td =V ts j from B ! (!)=B ! K. Abstract We have searched for the decays, B ! and B ! !, which in conjunction with the measurement of B ! K , can provide a direct determination of the ratio between the CKM matrix elements, V td and V ts. No signals were observed and we set the following upper limits Using diierent theoretical models, we(More)
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