Daniel J Sheridan

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Although millions of women receive injuries from intimate partner violence (IPV) each year in the United States alone, there has been only limited research of acute injury patterns and the types, locations, and mechanisms of IPV injuries. The mechanism of being punched to the face with a fist resulting in blunt trauma-related injuries is most commonly(More)
Workplace bullying is a serious problem faced by nurses nationally. This study was conducted to determine the frequency of workplace bullying and evaluate the effectiveness of a training program on cognitive rehearsal of responses to common bullying behaviors. This program to increase staff nurses' knowledge of management of workplace bullying consisted of(More)
Workplace bullying is a significant occupational health problem worldwide. Nurses are vulnerable to workplace bullying. During interactions with staff nurses, occupational health nurses have crucial opportunities to identify victims of workplace bullying and provide effective techniques for preventing and managing workplace bullying behaviors. The purpose(More)
Objective To determine the perceptions of shelter advocates and battered women regarding the treatment of battered women in emergency departments. Methods Mailed survey of 74 battered women and 49 battered women's advocates from Michigan shelters for abused women during an 8-month period. Results Half of the battered women reported negative experiences in(More)
UNLABELLED Forensic clinicians are routinely asked to estimate the age of cutaneous bruises. Unfortunately, existing research on noninvasive methods to date bruises has been mostly limited to relatively small, homogeneous samples or cross-sectional designs. PURPOSE The purpose of this prospective, foundational study was to examine change in bruise(More)
Physiological and anatomical changes that occur as a result of menopause alter sexual response and sexual function. These changes can result in genital injuries from both consensual sexual intercourse and sexual assault. The purpose of this article is to review the literature examining what is known about postmenopausal women and genital injuries. Only(More)
Interest in developing hospital-based domestic violence programs, protocols, policies, and procedures is growing secondary to efforts by national nursing, medical, and hospital accreditation organizations. Creating specialized health services for domestic violence survivors can be expedited by reviewing existing protocols, policies, and procedures. A(More)
OBJECTIVE Nurses face one of the highest rates of reported workplace violence (WPV). This research examined the prevalence of WPV and demographic, work-related, and adult and childhood abuse histories as risk factors for WPV among 2166 nurses/nursing personnel across four health care institutions in one US metropolitan area. METHODS Using data from an(More)
Workplace bullying can not only cost thousands of dollars to replace an affected nurse, but also have detrimental economic effects on health care organizations. Occupational health nurses can provide leadership in preventing or eliminating workplace bullying. This pilot study determined that attendance at a cognitive rehearsal program decreased workplace(More)