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We report on the experiences of Siemens Corporation in nine globally-distributed software development projects. These projects represent a range of collaboration models, from co-development to outsourcing of components to outsourcing the software for an entire project. We report experience and lessons in issues of project management, division of labor,(More)
Environments and processes in typical software development are not fully adapted to the needs of global software development (GSD). In particular, they do not have all of the capabilities necessary for cross-site collaboration. While research literature is rich with examples of individual practices and tools that an be used in this setting, there is a lack(More)
In this paper, we report on our experience assessing the relationship between the dependency structure of a software architecture and the coordination needs among distributed development teams. We use as a case study for global software development the Global Studio Project Version 3.0, where matrix models were used to represent both architectural(More)
In the dynamic global economy that exists today the operation and structure of organisations have had to adapt to the reality of the information revolution which has taken place. This has been the case within the software industry where global software development (GSD) has become a popular strategy and software development has become a globally sourced(More)
We report on our experiences using agile practices in a global software development project. Specifically, we report on the communication and collaboration patterns that were discovered using the social network analysis methodology. We used as a case study the Global Studio Project Version 3.0, where Extreme Programming practices were applied to one of the(More)