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Pterygium has long been believed to be an environmental disease, Ultraviolet (UV) radiation playing a major role in its development. In examination of more than 100 000 Aborigines and non-Aborigines in rural Australia a strong positive correlation between climatic UV radiation and pterygium prevalence was found, providing further evidence of a causal(More)
Ophthalmic examination of 64 307 Aborigines and 41 254 non-Aborigines in remote rural Australia during the course of the National Trachoma and Eye Health Program revealed a positive correlation between the prevalence of senile cataract and levels of climatic ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Aborigines were more likely to be affected by senile cataract than(More)
PURPOSE The benefits of sutureless cataract surgery have not been available to the majority of developing world patients. This report describes a surgical technique developed to gain the benefits of self-sealing sutureless techniques, without the need for costly, complex instrumentation, expensive consumables, or difficult nucleus fragmentation manoeuvres(More)
Unoperated cataract in the developing world remains ophthalmology's major unsolved problem. Recent developments have brought into question the assumptions of those who have thought that extracapsular surgery with implantation of a posterior chamber intraocular lens is an unrealistic approach to the treatment of global cataract blindness. High-quality(More)
Aboriginals in rural Australia have a higher over-all prevalence of otitis media and tympanic scarring than non-Aboriginals. Over-all, 11% of 60273 Aboriginals had otitis media and 29.1% had scarring in one or both ears, although the rates varied widely in different regions. Of 37713 non-Aboriginals, 1.1% had otitis media and 13.5% had scarring in one or(More)
Sexual fantasy is common among humans and often serves to facilitate sexual arousal. Although some fantasies may be directly related to a person's past experiences, others may be unrelated to direct history, and these are thus more difficult to explain. Relational frame theory is a comprehensive account of human language and cognition that may assist in(More)