Daniel J Miller

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The geographic distribution of stream reaches with potential to support high-quality habitat for salmonids has bearing on the actual status of habitats and populations over broad spatial extents. As part of the Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study (CLAMS), we examined how salmon-habitat potential was distributed relative to current and future (+100(More)
The dorsolateral reticular formation of the caudal medulla, or the lateral tegmental field (LTF), has been classified as the brain's "vomiting center", as well as an important region in regulating sympathetic outflow. We examined the responses of LTF neurons in cats to rotations of the body that activate vestibular receptors, as well as to stimulation of(More)
Nerve myelination facilitates saltatory action potential conduction and exhibits spatiotemporal variation during development associated with the acquisition of behavioral and cognitive maturity. Although human cognitive development is unique, it is not known whether the ontogenetic progression of myelination in the human neocortex is evolutionarily(More)
The number of cells comprising biological structures represents fundamental information in basic anatomy, development, aging, drug tests, pathology and genetic manipulations. Obtaining unbiased estimates of cell numbers, however, was until recently possible only through stereological techniques, which require specific training, equipment, histological(More)
Storm-driven episodes of gully erosion and landsliding produce large influxes of sediment to stream channels that have both immediate, often detrimental, impacts on aquatic communities and long-term consequences that are essential in the creation and maintenance of certain channel and riparian landforms. Together, these effects form an important component(More)
Determining the cellular composition of specific brain regions is crucial to our understanding of the function of neurobiological systems. It is therefore useful to identify the extent to which different methods agree when estimating the same properties of brain circuitry. In this study, we estimated the number of neuronal and non-neuronal cells in the(More)
Vomiting and nausea can be elicited by a variety of stimuli, although there is considerable evidence that the same brainstem areas mediate these responses despite the triggering mechanism. A variety of experimental approaches showed that nucleus tractus solitarius, the dorsolateral reticular formation of the caudal medulla (lateral tegmental field), and the(More)
BACKGROUND The etiology of cerebral ischemia is undetermined in one-third of patients upon discharge. Occult paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) is considered a potential etiology. A high rate of PAF detection with 21-day mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry (MCOT) has been reported in two small studies. Optimal monitoring duration and factors predicting(More)
The vestibular nuclei integrate information from vestibular and proprioceptive afferents, which presumably facilitates the maintenance of stable balance and posture. However, little is currently known about the processing of sensory signals from the limbs by vestibular nucleus neurons. This study tested the hypothesis that limb movement is encoded by(More)
rn More than 70 organic compounds have been identified in unfractionated methylene chloride extracts of soot from residential wood stoves by a combination of capillary gas chromatography coupled with low-resolution mass spectrometry (GC/MS), GC coupled with high-resolution mass spectrometry, and chemical ionization mass spectrometry with deuteriated(More)