Daniel J. Merthe

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Electric deflection measurements on liquid helium nanodroplets doped with individual polar molecules demonstrate that the cold superfluid matrix enables full orientation of the molecular dipole along the external field. This translates into a deflection force that is increased enormously by comparison with typical deflection experiments, and it becomes(More)
The multi-beam long trace profiler (MB-LTP) is under development at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The traditional LTPs scans the surface under the test by a single laser beam directly measuring the surface figure slope errors. While capable of exceptional surface slope accuracy, the LTP single beam scanning has slow measuring speed. Metrology(More)
We used cold helium droplets as nano-scale reactors to form and ionize, by electron bombardment and charge transfer, aromatic amino acid heterodimers of histidine with tryptophan, methyl-tryptophan, and indole. The molecular interaction occurring through an N-H···N hydrogen bond leads to a proton transfer from the indole group of tryptophan to the imidazole(More)
The Advanced Light Source (ALS) beamline (BL) 10.3.2 is an apparatus for X-ray microprobe spectroscopy and diffraction experiments, operating in the energy range 2.4-17 keV. The performance of the beamline, namely the spatial and energy resolutions of the measurements, depends significantly on the collimation quality of light incident on the monochromator.(More)
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