Daniel J. Louw

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In this paper, a reduced complexity soft-input soft-output MIMO detector is presented. The detector is intended to be used in conjunction with an error correction code. The detector combines a Sphere Decoder with a Hopfield network to calculate a max-log-map approximation. It is then combined with the error correction code in an iterative structure(More)
Single view distributed video coding (DVC) is a coding method that allows for the computational complexity of the system to be shifted from the encoder to the decoder. This property promotes the use of DVC in systems where processing power or energy use at the encoder is constrained. Examples include wireless devices and surveillance. This paper extends on(More)
In this paper, the effects of quantization on the achievable diversity of a linearly precoded Space-Time-Frequency (STF) and Space-Frequency (SF) coded MIMO-OFDM system are studied. A relationship between the maximum achievable diversity in a linearly precoded system and the number of quantization bits is derived. The performance of two different STF codes(More)
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