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is one of ten regional units mandated by Congress and established in Fall 1988 to support research, education, and training in surface transportation. The UC Center serves federal Region IX and is supported by matching grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). and the University. Based on the(More)
Sonoran Desert habitat in southern Arizona is increasingly altered by urban development near metropolitan areas. Understanding how reptiles respond in these impacted habitats is critical to conservation efforts to retain intact biotic communities, especially those with a high diversity of reptile species. We surveyed snakes at one impacted site on the(More)
—Hyla cinerea recently introduced to a Chihuahuan Desert wetland in Big Bend National Park, Texas consumed a variety of terrestrial arthropods. We investigated its diet to analyze a component of colonizing potential for this species. Of 105 individuals analyzed, we found a total of 194 prey items representing 13 unique categories. The most important prey,(More)
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