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Precise patterning of axon guidance cue distribution is critical for nervous system development. Using a murine forward genetic screen for novel determinants of axon guidance, we identified B3gnt1 and ISPD as required for the glycosylation of dystroglycan in vivo. Analysis of B3gnt1, ISPD, and dystroglycan mutant mice revealed a critical role for(More)
Arc is a cellular immediate-early gene (IEG) that functions at excitatory synapses and is required for learning and memory. We report crystal structures of Arc subdomains that form a bi-lobar architecture remarkably similar to the capsid domain of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) gag protein. Analysis indicates Arc originated from the Ty3/Gypsy(More)
Large-scale screens to identify protein interactions typically underperform with eukaryotic extracellular proteins. In this issue, Özkan et al. report development of a high-throughput assay designed specifically for extracellular proteins that uncovers a wealth of new interactions among three protein superfamilies in Drosophila and sets the stage for more(More)
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