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the 119 MHz signal to mcrements of 8.4 nsec ‘I :. An innovative timing and RF synchronisation system has been built and commissioned which allows the direct injection of 1 mm ux e+ or cbun&a from the SLC Damping Rings (VRF =-714 MHs) into the storage rings PEP (VW = 353 MHz) and SPEAR (VW = 358 MHz). The required relative stabilitv-of these o&illdtors is(More)
Human gait involves a repetitive cycle of movements, and the phase of gait represents the location in this cycle. Gait phase is measured across many areas of study (e.g., for analyzing gait and controlling powered lower-limb prosthetic and orthotic devices). Current gait phase detection methods measure discrete gait events (e.g., heel strike, flat foot, toe(More)
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