Daniel J. Lacks

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Triboelectric charging occurs in granular insulating systems even when all particles are composed of identical material. A simple model is used here to address triboelectric charging in such systems. The basis of the model is the existence of electrons trapped in high-energy states, which can be released during collisions with another particle and(More)
The signal transfer from nerve to muscle occurs by diffusion across the neuromuscular junction. The continuum level analysis of diffusion processes is based on the diffusion equation, which in one dimension is partial differential c/partial differential t=D(partial differential(2)c/partial differential x(2)) , where c is the molecular concentration and D is(More)
Aggregation of attachment-dependent animal cells represents a series of motility, collision, and adhesion events applicable to such diverse fields as tissue engineering, bioseparations, and drug testing. Aggregation of human prostate cancer cells in liquid-overlay culture was modeled using Smoluchowski's collision theory. Using well (LNCaP) and poorly(More)
Applied mechanical force (f) can activate conformational change in molecules by reducing the height of a free-energy barrier (DeltaG(b)). In this paper, molecular dynamics simulations are carried out with umbrella sampling and self-consistent histogram methods to determine free-energy profiles for a coarse-grained model of a protein under an applied force.(More)
Simulation results are presented which suggest that regressive evolution (i.e., evolution to a less adapted state) often occurs in response to environmental change, by a process analogous to the stress-induced reversal of aging in glassy materials. The key to this process is the stress-induced disappearance of fitness optima that lead to irreversible(More)
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