Daniel J. Klingenberg

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A new cross-disciplinary first-year course, " Introduction to Society's Engineering Grand Challenges, " has been developed as part of a college-wide initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to transform undergraduate engineering education for 2010 and beyond. The inspiration for developing this new course was the National Academy of Engineering's "(More)
The rheological properties of acid hydrolyzed corn stover at high solids concentration (20-35 wt.%) were investigated using torque rheometry. These materials are yield stress fluids whose rheological properties can be well represented by the Bingham model. Yield stresses increase with increasing solids concentration and decrease with increasing hydrolysis(More)
A two-fluid continuum model is developed to describe mass transport in electro- and magnetorheological suspensions. The particle flux is related to the field-induced stresses. Solutions of the resulting mass balance show column formation in the absence of flow, and stripe formation when a suspension is subjected simultaneously to an applied electric field(More)
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