Daniel J Kasprzak

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We have studied temperature dependent IR spectra of the C-H stretching modes of the imidazolium ring in [bmim][PF(6)], [bmim][Tf(2)N], [emim][Tf(2)N], [hmim][Tf(2)N], and [bmim][BF(4)]. Temperatures in this study are from 278 to 348 K at an interval of 10 K. Spectra of the C-H stretching modes have been deconvoluted using our previous computer program of(More)
A stopped-flow clinical analyzer is described that makes use of a reaction loop containing immobilized enzyme(s) for the determination of the analyte/substrate. The analyzer has been evaluated by determining glucose with immobilized glucose oxidase. The stopped-flow mixing system was constructed at a current cost of less than $500. The analyzer separates(More)
The thermal properties of three matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibitors were investigated using a variety of instrumental methods. Differential scanning calorimetry revealed highly exothermic processes for all compounds above 200°C, and thermogravimetric analysis resulted in significant step-wise weight losses at the temperatures corresponding to the(More)
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