Daniel J Hubbard

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This study compared intelligibility scores obtained for sentences read by good-to-superior esophageal speakers with scores obtained for sentences read by normal speakers via three modes of presentation: visual, auditory and auditory-visual combined. Statistical analysis showed significant differences between intelligibility scores for esophageal speakers(More)
Recent studies have demonstrated perceptual adaptation to nonlinguistic properties of speech involving voice gender and emotional expression. The present study extends this work by examining the contribution of fundamental frequency (F0) to these effects. Voice recordings of vowel-consonant-vowel (VCV) syllables from six talkers were processed using the(More)
Ten matched pairs of normal adults and adults with aphasia participated in a short-term memory, visual recognition paradigm wherein each determined whether or not a probe digit appeared in a subset of digits previously presented. Reaction times, measured in milliseconds from onset of probe digits until completion of visual-motor responses, were analyzed as(More)
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