Daniel J Hubbard

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Recent studies have demonstrated perceptual adaptation to nonlinguistic properties of speech involving voice gender and emotional expression. The present study extends this work by examining the contribution of fundamental frequency (F0) to these effects. Voice recordings of vowel-consonant-vowel (VCV) syllables from six talkers were processed using the(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have reported that pain is undertreated in the emergency department (ED), but few physician-dependent risk factors have been identified. In this study, the authors determine whether pain treatment and relief in ED patients are negatively associated with the physician's perception of whether the patient was exaggerating symptoms,(More)
We conducted a national survey of orthopaedic surgery residency program directors regarding resident attrition. Female residents had a statistically higher attrition rate than male residents (p < 0.001). The female early withdrawal residents left voluntarily and for personal reasons more often than their male counterparts. These tendencies, however, were(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the pain relief achieved with nebulized fentanyl citrate with intravenous (i.v.) fentanyl citrate in children presenting to the emergency department (ED) with painful conditions to determine if nebulized fentanyl is a feasible alternative to i.v. fentanyl for the treatment of acute pain in children. METHODS This was a randomized(More)
Starting with the seminal work of Black (1985 [8]) and De Long et. al (1990 [36]), financial economists have studied the impact of less informed or irrational investors (so-called "noise traders") on mis-pricing. Empirical evidence on noise traders, however, suffers from the twin difficulties of identifying noise traders and demonstrating their impact on(More)
This study examined production and perception of affective prosody by adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Previous research has reported increased pitch variability in talkers with ASD compared to typically developing (TD) controls in grammatical speaking tasks (e.g., comparing interrogative vs. declarative sentences), but it is unclear whether this(More)
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