Daniel J. H. Chung

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After an introduction recalling the theoretical motivation for low energy (100 GeV to TeV scale) supersymmetry, this review describes the theory and experimental implications of the soft supersymmetry-breaking Lagrangian of the general minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM). Extensions to include neutrino masses and nonminimal theories are also(More)
There is no known fundamental reason to demand as a cosmological initial condition that the bulk possess an SO(3, 1) isometry. On the contrary, one expects bulk curvature terms that violate the SO(3, 1) isometry at early epochs, leading to a violation of Lorentz invariance on our brane. Demanding that the Lorentz noninvariant terms are small leads to a new(More)
We consider the cosmology that results if our observable universe is a 3-brane in a higher dimensional universe. In particular, we focus on the case where our 3-brane is located at the Z2 symmetry fixed plane of a Z2 symmetric five-dimensional spacetime, as in the Hořava-Witten model compactified on a Calabi-Yau manifold. As our first result, we find that(More)
We consider a scenario in which our observable universe is a 3-dimensional surface (3-brane) living in extra dimensions with a warped geometry. We show that “lensed” density perturbations from other branes serve as possible seeds for structure formation on our observable brane (without inflation), and, in addition, provide constraints on braneworld(More)
We analyze the quantum transport equations for supersymmetric electroweak baryogenesis including previously neglected bottom and tau Yukawa interactions and show that they imply the presence of a previously unrecognized dependence of the cosmic baryon asymmetry on the spectrum of third generation quark and lepton superpartners. For fixed values of the(More)
Density perturbations generated from inflation almost always have a spectral index ns which runs (varies with the wavelength). We explore a running spectral index scenario in which the scalar spectral index runs from blue (ns > 1) on large length scales to red (ns < 1) on short length scales. Specifically, we look for a correlation between the length scale(More)
To evaluate the effect of ectomycorrhizal colonization on growth and physiological activity of Larix kaempferi seedlings grown under soil acidification, we grew L. kaempferi seedlings with three types of ectomycorrhizae for 180 days in acidified brown forest soil derived from granite. The soil had been treated with an acid solution (0 (control), 10, 30, 60,(More)