Daniel J Freppon

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A method is reported for fabricating truly three-dimensional micro-photonic structures directly onto the end face of an optical fiber using the cross-linkable resist SU-8. This epoxide-based material is well suited for micro-device fabrication because it is photo-processed as a solid and the cross-linked material is mechanically robust, chemically(More)
Transmission Electron Microscopy is used as a quantitative method to measure the shapes, sizes and volumes of gold nanoparticles created at a polymeric surface by three different in situ synthesis methods. The atomic number contrast (Z-contrast) imaging technique reveals nanoparticles which are formed on the surface of the polymer. However, with certain(More)
The ability to produce large-scale, reversible structural changes in a variety of materials by photoexcitation of a wide variety of azobenzene derivatives has been recognized for almost two decades. Because photoexcitation of trans-azobenzene produces the cis-isomer in solution, it has generally been inferred that the macroscopic structural changes(More)
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