Daniel J. Dewey

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— In this paper we develop a theory of metamodules and an associated distributed asynchronous planner which generalizes previous work on metamodules for lattice-based modular robotic systems. All extant modular robotic systems have some form of non-holonomic motion constraints. This has prompted many researchers to look to metamodules, i.e., groups of(More)
Details of the design, fabrication, and ground and flight calibration of the High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG) on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory are presented after 5 years of flight experience. Specifics include the theory of phased transmission gratings as applied to the HETG, the Rowland design of the spectrometer, details of the grating fabrication(More)
High-resolution spectroscopy at energies below 1 keV covers the lines of C, N, O, Ne and Fe ions, and is central to studies of the Interstellar Medium, the Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium, warm absorption and outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei, coronal emission from stars, etc. The large collecting area, long focal length, and 5 arcsecond half power diameter(More)
MARX is a portable ray-trace program that was originally developed to simulate event data from the transmission grating spectrometers on-board the Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO). MARX has since evolved to include detailed models of all CXO science instruments and has been further modified to serve as an event simulator for future X-ray observatory design(More)
High resolution spectra of the active binary Capella (G8 III + G1 III) covering the energy range 0.4-8.0 keV (1.5-30Å) show a large number of emission lines, demonstrating the performance of the HETGS. A preliminary application of plasma diagnostics provides information on coronal temperatures and densities. Lines arising from different elements in a range(More)
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