Daniel J. Dermody

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±COOAr, m to ±CH2O±, m to ArCOO± and m to ±OOCAr), 7.25±7.32 (m, 4 Ar±H, o to ±CH2O± and o to ArCOO±), 6.96±7.04 (m, 4 Ar±H, o to ±OCH2(CH2)11± and o to ±OOCAr), 4.20 (t, 2H, ArOCH2CH2O±), 4.05 (t, 2 H, ArOCH2(CH2)10±, J=6.6 Hz), 3.54±4.00 (m, 68 H, ±CH2O±), 3.37 (s, 3 H, CH3O±), 1.77±1.85 (m, 2 H, ±CH2(CH2)9±), 1.14±1.47 (m, 18 H, ±CH2(CH2)9±), 0.87 (t, 3(More)
A novel, rapid, parallel, and high-throughput system for measuring viscosity of materials under different conditions of shear rate, temperature, time, etc., has been developed. This unique system utilizes the transient flow of a complex fluid through pipettes. This approach offers significant practical advantages over microfluidic-based devices for(More)
Single-component monolayers of dendrimers and two-component monolayers consisting of dendrimers and n-alkylthiols immobilized on Au substrates are described. Single-component monolayers are prepared by exposing an Au substrate to ethanolic solutions of amineor hydroxy-terminated polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers. The resulting monolayers are highly stable(More)
A novel high-throughout (HTR) ion-exchange (IEX) resin workflow has been developed for characterizing ion exchange equilibrium of commercial and experimental IEX resins against a range of different applications where water environment differs from site to site. Because of its much higher throughput, design of experiment (DOE) methodology can be easily(More)
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