Daniel J Abrahamson

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The effects of manipulating attentional focus (self-versus partner-focus) and level of partner responsiveness (high, low, and ambiguous) on sexual responding were examined with sexually functional (N = 8) men. These manipulations were embedded in six standardized 3-minute erotic audiotapes. When the partner was displaying high sexual responsiveness,(More)
Sexually functional and sexually dysfunctional male subjects viewed an erotic film while experiencing two different types of distraction. During a neutral distracting condition, subjects were asked to estimate the length and width of a straight line appearing on an adjacent video monitor. During the "performance demand" distraction condition, subjects(More)
American Psychological Association This document presents a set of criteria to be used in evaluating treatment guidelines that have been promulgated by health care organizations, government agencies, professional associations, or other entities. 1 Although originally developed for mental health interventions, the criteria presented are equally applicable in(More)
The process of natural gas extraction known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a controversial energy acquisition technique often viewed with disdain by the public, due to its potential for environmental harm. However, the mental health and psychological well-being of fracking communities, including potential benefits and detriments, are often(More)
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