Daniel Irwin

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Floods are among the most catastrophic natural disasters around the globe impacting human lives and infrastructure. Implementation of a flood prediction system can potentially help mitigate flood-induced hazards. Such a system typically requires implementation and calibration of a hydrologic model using in situ observations (i.e., rain gauges and stream(More)
Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the Eastern part of Africa is a vital natural resource for the economic well being and prosperity of over 30 million people located in riparian regions of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It covers a large area of about 68,870 km 2 and produces a GDP of about US $30 billion per year. The region is also very(More)
Over the past three decades, several man-made vehicles have being sent into space to explore the extra-terrestrial bodies. As the search for water and other useful substances in the extra-terrestrial surfaces increases, this exploration activity is set to dramatically increase over the next decade (2020); with NASA planning to explore the surface of Mars,(More)
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