Daniel I. Kent

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Larvae of Asemichthys taylori were reared in the laboratory to identifiable juveniles. A preserved series of larvae was characterized in part by fin meristics (X–XI, 14–15 dorsal fin rays; 15 anal fin rays), as well as a combination of the alignment of the jaw tip with the ventral margin of the gut, heavy lateral melanistic pigment except on the caudal(More)
Subtidal spawning of the cottid fish Enophrys bison occurs in southern British Columbia, where in the field a smaller subtidal cottid, Asemichthys taylori, exclusively utilizes E. bison nests by overlaying its own eggs on top of the E. bison eggs. In the laboratory, spawning of A. taylori in the absence of E. bison nests was observed to occur adjacent to(More)
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