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We describe an emergent field of considerable relevance to the auditory display community – that of sonic interaction design for everyday artifacts. It is positioned at the intersection of auditory display, product interaction design, and ubiquitous computing. We describe an exploration of this field that we have undertaken in a workshop setting, with an(More)
Sound design for interactive products is rapidly evolving to become a relevant topic in industry. Scientific research from the domains of Auditory Display (AD) and Sonic Interaction Design (SID) can play a central role in this development, but in order to make its way to market oriented applications, several issues still need to be addressed. Building on(More)
This paper discusses the relevance of performativity and the need for improvisational methods in sound design for interactive commodities. Both the impact on design methods and on the evaluation of experience prototypes are investigated. Several sound design techniques are proposed that help to exploit performativity and improvisation without compromising(More)
In this paper we describe a novel approach to the sonification of crawl swim movement. The design method integrates task and data analysis from a sport science perspective with subjective experience of swimmers and swimming coaches, and strongly relies on the skills of musicians in order to define the basic sonic design. We report on the design process, and(More)
Computing technologies turn everyday artifacts into narrative, procedural objects. This observation suggests that the narrative sound design strategies used in films and video games could also be applied for the design of interactive commodities. However, it is unknown whether these strategies from immersive media can be applied in physical artifacts of(More)
In this paper we present a design method that integrates the exploration of visual representations and musical expertise in the process of creating a swimming sonification, and initial results of the method's application in an explorative study. Our focus lies on the creation of a sonic representation that facilitates the affective, intuitive reproduction(More)
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