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The Gram-negative bacterium Flavobacterium sp. strain R1534 is a natural producer of zeaxanthin. A 14 kb genomic DNA fragment of this organism has been cloned and a 5.1 kb piece containing the carotenoid biosynthesis genes sequenced. The carotenoid biosynthesis cluster consists of five genes arranged in at least two operons. The five genes are necessary and(More)
The principal kinematic formula and the closely related Crofton formula are central themes of integral geometry in the sense of Blaschke and Santaló. There have been various generalizations , variants, and analogues of these formulae, in part motivated by applications. We give a survey of recent investigations in the spirit of the kinematic and Crofton(More)
This paper originates from the investigation of support measures of convex bodies (sets of positive reach), which form a central subject in convex geometry and also represent an important tool in related fields. We show that these measures are absolutely continuous with respect to Hausdorff measures of appropriate dimensions, and we determine the(More)
For a given convex (semi-convex) function u, defined on a nonempty open convex set Ω ⊂ R n , we establish a local Steiner type formula , the coefficients of which are nonnegative (signed) Borel measures. We also determine explicit integral representations for these coefficient measures, which are similar to the integral representations for the curvature(More)
BACKGROUND Resistance to microtubule-stabilizing agents is a major hurdle for successful cancer therapy. We investigated combined treatment of microtubule-stabilizing agents (MSAs) with inhibitors of angiogenesis to overcome MSA resistance. METHODS Treatment regimens of clinically relevant MSAs (patupilone and paclitaxel) and antiangiogenic agents(More)
Aspergillus fumigatus phytase has previously been identified as a phytase with a series of favourable properties that may be relevant in animal and human nutrition, both for maximising phytic acid degradation and for increasing mineral and amino acid availability. To study the natural variability in amino acid sequence and its impact on the catalytic(More)