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In this report we analyze the performance of the fast Fourier transform (FFT) on graphics hardware (the GPU), comparing it to the best-of-class CPU implementation FFTW. We describe the FFT, the architecture of the GPU, and how general-purpose computation is structured on the GPU. We then identify the factors that influence FFT performance and describe(More)
KTI/IE Discussion Papers are circulated to promote discussion and provoque comments. Any references to discussion papers should clearly state that the paper is preliminary. Materials published in this series may subject to further publication. " Economic development " and gender equality: explaining variations in the gender poverty gap after socialism(More)
The quark model emerged from the Gell-Mann–Ne'eman flavor SU(3) symmetry. Its development, in the context of strong interactions, took place in a heuristic theoretical framework, referred to as the Bootstrap Era. Setting the background for the dominant ideas in strong interaction of the early 1960s, we outline some aspects of the constituent quark model. An(More)
The performance of many machine learning algorithms heavily depends on the setting of their respective hyperparameters. Many different tuning approaches exist, from simple grid or random search approaches to evolutionary algorithms and Bayesian optimization. Often, these algorithms are used to optimize a single performance criterion. But in practical(More)
Kernelized Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are among the best performing supervised learning methods. But for optimal predictive performance, time-consuming parameter tuning is crucial, which impedes application. To tackle this problem, the classic model selection procedure based on grid-search and cross-validation was refined, e.g. by data sub-sampling and(More)
The paper looks at the link between inequality and voter turnout, and derives three hypothesis from previous literature. It is shown that inequality associates negatively with turnout at the national elections (hypothesis 1). Although this is not a very strong effect, but it is net of several factors affecting voter turnout that are empirically well proven(More)