Daniel Horacio Calvo

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The use of NOAA-AVHRR NDVI time series from July 1981 to December 2000 was evaluated for the assessment of the functioning of a wetland macrosystem, the Paraná River Delta. The spatial resolution of the dataset was 8 by 8 km. Spatial and temporal variations in NDVI pattern were analyzed and evidences for El Niño/South Oscillation events identified. We(More)
In this work, an electronic tongue (ET) system based on an array of potentiometric ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) for the discrimination of different commercial beer types is presented. The array was formed by 21 ISEs combining both cationic and anionic sensors with others with generic response. For this purpose beer samples were analyzed with the ET(More)
A first step towards the multidetection, identification and quantification of anabolic androgenic steroids by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) has been performed in this study. This proposal combines multiple competitive ELISA assays with different cross-reactivity profiles and multivariate data analysis techniques. Data have been analyzed by(More)
An automated electronic tongue consisting of an array of potentiometric sensors and an artificial neural network (ANN) has been developed to resolve mixtures of anionic surfactants. The sensor array was formed by five different flow-through sensors for anionic surfactants, based on poly(vinyl chloride) membranes having cross-sensitivity features.(More)
An electronic tongue based on the transient response of an array of non-specific-response potentiometric sensors was developed. A sequential injection analysis (SIA) system was used in order to automate its training and operation. The use of the transient recording entails the dynamic nature of the sensor's response, which can be of high information(More)
A Differential Mobility Analyser (DMA) is a specific configuration of an Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) where ions with different electrical mobilities are separated in space, instead of in time of drift, as in classical drift-time IMS. This work presents results obtained with a parallel plate DMA instrument, with crucial differences in the sheath flow and(More)
Tantalum is a strategic metal with multiple applications for the new technologies. Tantalum ore deposits are scarce in the European Union, thus, more efficient extracting processes are necessary to contribute to a greater European independence on the market of these critical raw materials. Tantalum mainly occurs in pegmatites, leucogranite deposits and its(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis is one of the main causes of death in adult intensive care units. The major drawbacks of the different methods used for its diagnosis and monitoring are their inability to provide fast responses and unsuitability for bedside use. In this study, performed using a rat sepsis model, we evaluate breath analysis with Ion Mobility Spectrometry(More)
Tantalum is a strategic metal with multiple applications in the new technologies. Tantalum deposits are scarce in EU. Thus, more efficient extracting processes are necessary to contribute to major European independency on these critical raw materials. Tantalum occurs mainly in pegmatites and leucogranite deposits and its placers. Europe does not produce(More)
The off-flavor of "tainted wine" is attributed mainly to the presence of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (2,4,6-TCA) in the wine. In the present study the atmospheric pressure gas-phase ion chemistry, pertaining to ion mobility spectrometry, of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole was investigated. In positive ion mode the dominant species is a monomer ion with a lower intensity(More)
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