Daniel Holliday

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This study seeks to find a relationship between economic growth and income inequality. Past studies remain divided about this subject, where some find there to be a positive relationship and others support a negative relationship. Single and multiple linear regression models were formed using data from 2010. This study found a positive relationship between(More)
Trust is a significant factor in user adoption of new systems. However, although trust is a dynamic attitude of the user towards the system and changes over time, trust in intelligent systems is typically captured as a single quantitative measure at the conclusion of a task. This paper challenges this approach. We report a case study that employed a(More)
framework using particle swarm optimization for classification method PROAFTN. Simulated annealing and genetic algorithms for minimizing mean flow time in an open shop. heuristic for the multi-dimensional knapsack problem. multi-objective binary optimization problems, with an application to the Multi-Objective Knapsack Problem. K. (1999). Artificial neural(More)
Intelligent systems often violate fundamental usability principles, such as control and transparency. Explanations have been shown to have a positive effect on transparency in such systems but little research exists as to how it may affect control. We set out to investigate how explanations may impact upon users' perceptions of control in an intelligent(More)
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